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Vehicles are very complex E.C.U (Vehicle computer) they having a huge amount of electrical parts. We have the latest diagnostic fault finding equipment to enable us to code read most vehicles E.C.U.’s (Vehicles computer) and rectify faults within.

There are mainly two occasions when our engine diagnostic services are required:

  1. When a fault is noted by poor performance
  2. When the dreaded engine management light appears**

We have high tech engine diagnostic equipment with up to date software that can check and establish the reason for your cars performance issues. Once a fault has been found our expert technicians will inform you on the results, what repairs may be needed and the costs involved. If you are happy we will only use high quality parts to repair the fault.  

If you need any advice about the performance of your vehicle or have an engine management light that is on please contact us on 01283 539001 or Via facebook messenger below

**Please note using your car when the eml (engine management light ) is on can have a serious effect on your engine performance.